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Security Consultancy & Advice on Cyber Threats

One of the biggest risks to digitising your institution is keeping data safe - both customer and business. Not only do security breaches damage your reputation but they also put you and your customers at risk.

Soar's team work with financial service providers to review and implement security best practice, write security policies and advise on mitigating risks. 

Soar works with organisations to:

Coordinate penetration testing and implement recommendations from test results.

Ensure your staff are trained regularly to understand how to secure information.

Provide recommendations on securing servers and devices.

Advise on pro-active monitoring and threat detection systems.

Assess security protocols and audit policies and procedures.

Put in place measures to secure confidential data and information.

We know that keeping up-to-date with the latest guidelines and regulation is a challenge. Soar help organisations by working with you to ensure your security protocols are fit for purpose.

We offer or services through a range of mechanisms including:

  • On-site Security Auditing & Reviews
  • Training on-site, at events and online
  • Bespoke consultancy packages
  • Offsite Monitoring & Support