Why CU Soar?

CU Soar is an affordable way for your credit union to transform operational efficiencies, attract the next generation of membership and join the smartphone revolution safely and securely.

Credit Union Benefits

Transform Operating Efficiencies

The easy to use CU Soar CMS platform and mobile app will significantly reduce staff time spent dealing with routine enquiries over the phone and in branches.

  • Automate processes and analyse management information.
  • Membership segmentation for personalised and targeted communications.
  • Dealing with requests has never been easier, you’ll be able to respond to member queries faster than ever.
  • Members will make use of the CU Soar mobile app as their preferred route to your credit union.

Safe &

Industry leading security and data protection systems you can trust. Give your credit union peace of mind around the clock.

  • Secure 2-step login verification.
  • Prevent identity fraud with secure email verification processes.
  • Cloud based software.
  • Multiple servers in secure, remote locations.
  • ISO 27001 accredited.
  • Industry leading data encryption.

Attract The Next Generation

Increase membership retention rates and attract younger generations by providing your members with the fast, convenient mobile technology they want.

  • Be where your members now live – on their mobile phone.
  • Members can instantly check share and loan balances and apply for loans, 24/7.
  • Provide fast & convenient access to credit union savings and loans.
  • Tailor marketing campaigns to the needs of the next generation.
  • Deliver an exceptional level of customer service that young adults now demand.

Member Benefits

Convenient Access To Credit Union

Members can now access their credit union account whenever they want, using the credit union in the palm of their hand.

  • Access to all app features 24/7.
  • Simple to use with a bright modern feel.
  • Fast & convenient.
  • Instant access to special offers and personalised promotions.

Exceptional Customer Service

The CU Soar app allows members to engage with your credit union in a way that improves and modernises the member experience.

  • Safe & secure communication.
  • Quick responses to queries and speedy processing of requests.
  • Members can easily communicate with their credit union at a time that suits them.
  • 24/7 access to helpful FAQs for quick answers to common queries.

Engage With Your Community

Members can join the conversation with the credit union community by receiving ethical financial services & news updates straight to their mobile phones.

  • Post AGM notices and updates directly to the app to your full membership, at no extra cost.
  • Membership surveys are just a click away.
  • Members can share credit union news with their own communities on social media directly from the app.
  • Automate notifications to contact members in the evenings and weekends.