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Welcome to your new banking hub

The Platform Hub is where it all happens for your organisation. You can view all of your members' accounts and details as well as set up all of the rules and limits for your products. You can also keep in touch with all of your members through the communication tools.

Read on to see a full list of features you can look forward to using! 

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Connecting you with your members

View all of your members' details, accounts and transactions in the one place. You can even make transactions on their behalf.

Security verification steps are set up for members so even if they need to make a query over the phone, you can be assured their data is safe.

All actions on the Platform Hub are audited for compliance purposes.

For Platform Hub

All of the transactions made on the Mobile and Web apps are sent back through to your back office system. 

Depending on your back office provider, this can be done automatically through an API
or manually via a data upload.

Whatever way it's carried out, you can be sure that your data is accurate and up to date.

Features of the Platform Hub:

Admin Access

Admin accounts can be created for individuals in your organisation to access and manage the Hub.

Product Rules

Have the ability to set rules on your accounts if you have certain rules that need to be upheld by members.

Account Limits

You can set minimum and maximum deposit and withdrawal limits on different account types. 

Member Details

View and manage all member data and edit their personal details when required.


Send and schedule notifications to individual members through communication tools in the Hub. 

Group Notifications

Coming soon, schedule group notifications to your members - ideal for managing your credit control.

Transaction History

View members' accounts and see their entire transaction history all in the one place. 

Manage Accounts

You can manage members' accounts on their behalf. Make withdrawals, deposits or download statements.

Loan Configuration

Coming soon, your advisors will be able to configure your different loan products for online applications. 

FAQs Management

Manage questions and answers that are commonly asked to appear on your Mobile and Web apps.


Coming soon, create and download reports on your member data to analyse and audit.


Coming soon, create templates within the hub to send and schedule communications to your members. 


See for Yourself

Take a look at an introduction to what the Soar technology can do.


Take an even closer look with a full Soar demo