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Our Culture

Life at Soar
is centred around our fun and family-like culture. Our values are what connects us and inspires us to work together. At Soar, all of our employees are approachable, passionate and committed and this is what makes our team work.


Our Value Proposition

We are partnering with ethical financial service providers to give them access to innovative technology which enables them and their communities to prosper.

Our Personality

  • Empathetic
  • Informed
  • Trusted
  • Innovative
  • Transparent
  • Confident

We're a small team with a global mission

These are our values:

  • To excel on behalf of our customers with exemplary service and charge fairly for our services
  • To offer our customers options without lengthy contracts 
  • To deliver services that provide a positive impact on society
  • To create an inclusive, fun, healthy and family-like environment to work in
  • To give back to tech in schools and by encouraging greater diversity and more women into tech
  • To treat our customer's information and data with respect and continually  improve our security
  • To, where possible, avoid using suppliers who don't place social responsibility high on their agenda
  • To only serve responsible and member owned financial institutions 


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