A digital banking platform

for the community banking market

Embrace digital transformation with Soar

Turn your community bank into the ultimate challenger with Soar's industry leading digital experience.

The Soar Banking Platform

For your organisation:

Better Engagement

Better Efficiency


For your consumers:

Access to Fair Finance

Financial Well-being

24/7 Digital Banking

We enable your growth and scalability so you can deliver fair banking services to more customers than ever before.

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Our mission

We're shocked that 24 million adults in the UK have £500 or less in savings, 4.5 million people currently access credit at 100% APR or more and over 9 million people live in problem debt situations.

At Soar, we're passionate about digitising the community banking market so it’s in the best possible shape to serve our nation with fair finance.

We aim to help those around us to:

Manage their finances better

Save more

Use appropriate and fairly priced lending

Together, we can build a better financial society with the right technology.


What is the Soar Banking Platform?

Banking Apps

Put your brand in the hands of your customers with our white-labelled mobile and web app. They can manage their finances 24/7, self-serve payments and lending and engage with you digitally.

Customer Acquisition & Automated Lending

Loan origination to drive growth! You'll get more applications, have fewer drop-offs and make better decisions with our range of customer acquisition & digital lending services.

Automated Payments & Collections

Collect money by card and direct debit and automate payouts and loan disbursements.

No more delays. No more errors. No more out-of-sync statements. Happy customers.

100% in the Cloud

Soar's already digital native. Our services are accessible from anywhere 24/7 by you and your customers. We take the headache out of managing that infrastructure and ensure you're safe, secure and online anytime of the day or night.
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Our Partners

We work with carefully selected partners for your benefit.

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the fair finance market

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