Soar Lite

Soar Lite helps consumer lending organisations save time and money on loan processing

Our partnership with Experian allows us to offer our customers the gold standard in credit bureau data, automatic credit decisioning, identity verification and fraud screening all as part of our Soar Lite package. On top of that, our recent partnerships with Signable, Truelayer and Inbest improved our app even further and now our Lite package includes:

What does Soar Lite include?

Soft & Hard Credit Checks

Put your brand in the hands of your customers with our white-labelled mobile and web app. They can manage their finances 24/7, self-serve payments and lending and engage with you digitally.
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Credit Account Information Sharing (CAIS)

Share your customers’ credit activity with Experian to help build an accurate credit history.
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Automated Credit Decisions

Define a bespoke strategy to suit your risk appetite and make automatic lending decisions for your customers.

Identity Verification

Confirm the identity and personal details of your applicants withExperian’s identity checking services.


Loan documents can be signed by your applicants digitally saving you time in the application process.

Benefits Calculator

Soar's benefits calculator offers an impartial assessment of all the benefits and grants your customers can claim.
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Open Banking

Open Banking will enable credit unions to streamline their analysis of individuals’ financial situations.
Why Experian?

Experian is the largest source of credit application and history data
Their data is gathered from all major credit organisations
60% of all credit applications are checked with Experian

Why submit data to CAIS?

It allows consumers to be represented consistently across the market
It helps to build the credit scores of consumers
It created a clearer picture of a person’s financial credit history which is beneficial when applying for credit.

Soar Lite Pricing

We're offering all these features starting from only £75 + VAT/month, depending on your organization's size and needs. We’ll run you through our price calculator that will give you a better picture of how your organisation can save money with Soar Lite.

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