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Our Story

Our purpose is to build a better financial society with technological innovation.

Soar was formed in 2017 by award-winning Scottish entrepreneur, Andrew Duncan.

Andrew was leading Soar's sister company SwarmOnline when the idea for Soar was born. SwarmOnline are expert providers of bespoke cloud and mobile apps, and when a number of credit unions approached Swarm about building mobile apps for them, Andrew realised that this type of technology was really lacking in the ethical sector. From this realisation, Soar was formed and we have been working with ethical institutions ever since to build a better financial society where credit unions, building societies and responsible lenders can gain access to innovative technology. 

From a team of one in 2018, to a team of fourteen in 2019, Soar has grown at an amazing rate and we continue to provide innovative products and services to ethical financial institutions. 
We offer an affordable solution so that they can join the smartphone revolution safely and securely with our must-have technology. Soar is designed to enable those in the ethical finance sector to better meet the demands of their communities and to prosper all while making their world simpler. 


We help you reach tomorrow's members, today. 

We're proud of how much we have
achieved in such a short space of time.
Here are some of our Soar highlights:


May 2017

Soar began developing our innovative products in 2017. With only a small team we made great strides quickly!


October 2018

The Soar team grew. Andrew moved over fully from Swarm as CEO and we also welcomed Eva Luckhiram as Chief Product Officer and Paul Theurer as Chief Technology Officer.


December 2018

We announced our technology partnership with the UK's largest credit union.


February 2019

We hosted our first ever Soar event, Credit Union Connect. With a full guest list, the event was a great success and plans were built to take it around the UK.


March 2019

Soar announced a rebrand. Working with the award-winning branding agency, Made Brave, we created a whole new look to reflect our ever-evolving product and company.


March 2019

We celebrated growing to fourteen team members. We now have an amazingly talented team with members covering all functions.


We are:



We're always working to make our products even better. We love to experiment and find new ways  of doing things. 


We treasure people's data, we offer impartial advice and we act in the interest of our customers and their members.


We know our industry and the markets that we operate in. We are happy to share our knowledge with anyone who asks.


We know that we're doing something unique and valued. We're confident that Soar will be beneficial for any ethical financial institution. 

Talk to us about our products and services.


Together, we can all Soar

Soar has an inclusive, fun, healthy and family-like environment to work in.
One in which we share and care.


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