The Soar Story

Soar was formed by award-winning Scottish entrepreneur, Andrew Duncan, in 2017 and we have been working to empower community banking organisations ever since

Before Soar was formed, Andrew led our sister company Swarm Online. However, after being approached by a number of credit unions about app development, he decided to take a closer look at the market. That’s when we discovered that the community banking market has been largely underserved in terms of technology and we learned even more about those who are financially vulnerable in the UK.
24 million adults in the UK have £500 or less in savings
4.5 million people currently access credit at 100% APR
9 million people live in problem debt situations

We help consumers

Soar is passionate about digitising the community banking market so it’s in the best shape possible to serve our nation with fair finance.
Manage their finances better 
Save more 
Use appropriate and fairly priced lending
We’re making it our business to scale Soar so we can put modern, frictionless and fair banking in the hands of the consumers who need it most.

Together, let’s build a better financial society with the right tech.

Our key moments so far

We began developing our product. With only a small team, we made great strides very quickly over the next year.

May 2017

We grew our team. Andrew moved fully from his position at Swarm Online to Soar as our CEO and we welcomed Eva Luckhiram as our Chief Product Officer and Paul Theurer as our Chief Technology Officer.

October 2018

We announced our partnership with the UK’s largest credit union: Glasgow Credit Union.

December 2018

We hosted our first Soar event, Credit Union Connect with a full guest list.

February 2019

We announced the Soar rebrand! We worked with the award-winning branding agency, Made Brave, to make it all happen.

March 2019

We announced our £450,000 Research and Development grant from Scottish Enterprise with a visit to our offices from Kate Forbes MSP.

May 2019

We were awarded £75,000 from Scottish Edge.

June 2019

We won the Social Impact and Rising Star Award at the Scottish Financial Technology Awards.

September 2019

Our CEO won the Glasgow Scale-up Entrepreneur of the YearAward at the Great British Entrepreneur Awards.

We also moved our offices to Glasgow City Centre.

October 2019

We were awarded a finalist spot in Nesta’s Affordable Credit Challenge.

November 2019

We announced the £200,000 prize we won in the Affordable Credit Challenge with our partners, Capital Credit Union and Nivo.

March 2020

We announced our partnership with payment provider, Modulr.

June 2020

We launched our new Soar Lite package and our partnership with Experian.

October 2020

We welcomed Aidan Skinner as our Chief Technology Officer.

February 2021

We partnered with Signable and integrated eSignatures into our Banking Platform.

March 2021

We partnered with Inbest & integrated benefit calculators into our Platform Hub.

April 2021

We partnered with Truelayer to expand our services and integrate Open Banking.

May 2021

We implemented Direct Debit and Faster Payments on our platform.

June 2021

Full Back Office Launched

September 2022

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