Soar Banking Platform

A modern cloud-based banking platform for the fair finance market

Soar makes credit unions and community banks desirable with our white-labelled mobile banking platform that automates applying for loans that makes access
to affordable credit easier for everyone.

Banking Apps

Soar helps consumers to manage their finances, save more and use appropriate and fairly priced lending with our mobile and web apps.

What you can do with Soar:

Reach your customers wherever they are

Give customers the ability to manage their money with transactional banking

Encourage financial wellbeing with access to responsible lending

Be available online 24/7

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Customer Acquisition and Automated Lending

Our banking platforms enables organisations to process credit check and automate lending decisioning. We’ve taken the cumbersome and slow process of customer on-boarding and turned it into a less than 10-minute self-service process.

Our partnership with Experian allows us to make all of this possible and it means that we can offer:

Soft & Hard Credit Checks

Identity Verification

Credit Account Information Sharing

Automated Credit Decisions

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Automated Payments and Collections

We’ve forged partnerships with key players in the payments industry for automation and convenience

We believe that customers being able to make digital payments in and out of their accounts is fundamental in giving them the best user experience possible.

It's all tightly integrated and even gives you:

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Automatic Reconciliation

Received funds are instantly available and your ledger is updated in real-time.

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Cut your operating costs

Lower transaction fees, less time processing payments and less time reconciling and auditing. It all helps your bottom line.

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Stay up to date

Receive payment notifications and easily identify errors with payments.

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100% on the Cloud

The Soar Banking Platform is hosted in the cloud.

The Platform Hub is where it all happens for your organisation. You can view all of your customers' accounts and details as well as set up all of the rules and limits for your products.

Lots of our features are already available in our Hub and more will be ready for you soon. You can look forward to our accounting package, loan processing tools, customer management and much more.

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Take a closer look at how your customers can manage their finances with you by arranging a full Soar demo.