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Gold Standard Security

One of the biggest risks to digitising your institution is keeping your members data safe. Security breaches destroy your reputation, put you and your members at risk and
can lead to fines. 

Soar's team proactively monitor our platform's vital signs to detect threats as they happen. 

Soar is one supplier you should trust. Here's why:

Soar is ISO 27001 accredited for Information Security Management. 

We are externally audited to ensure we conform to strict standards.

Securing data is part of our on-going training.

We strictly log and audit all actions so we can learn and improve our practises.

We only work with 3rd party vendors that meet our minimum standards.

Our layered approach to security ensures safety of your members data.

We've built our platform from the ground up adhering to the latest architectural and design principals to keep your members data secure.

Our layered approach to security ensures that your members data is safe. Even if one layer is breached, there are still multiple defences in place to keep hackers out. Find out how we can help make your institution safe and secure. 

Soar is ISO 27001 Accredited for Information Security Management