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Be reachable from any device through the Soar Web App

Our Web App is here to service all of your members' banking needs online. Accessible on any device with access to a web browser, members can log in, view their accounts, carry out transactional banking and apply for loans. For a list of our Web App features, keep scrolling! 

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We provide a service you can
bank on

Keeping it personal

The Soar Web App mirrors the features of the Soar Mobile App but allows members to access their accounts from a browser on any device such as a desktop computer, laptop, or tablet.

Like the Mobile App, your Web App will be personalised to your organisation's brand. With your colours, logos and fonts, members will know that this Web App is yours. 

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Engage at anytime

Engage with your members at any time of the day through the Soar Web App. Schedule and send notifications to your members and remain front of mind for all of their banking needs.

Your members can also drop you a message via a form submission on the Web App contact section and very soon, they'll be able to talk to you via live chat. 

Features of the Web App:

Joining Process

Coming soon, members can join and begin saving and borrowing straight from their smartphones.

Easy Registration

A quick and easy registration process, with a simple 6-digit pin login and password.

Add Funds

Add funds to savings accounts and make loan repayments via debit card payments. 


Allow members to withdraw funds from their accounts to a nominated bank account.


Members can transfer to and from savings accounts easily with the tap of a finger.

Apply for Loans

Loan applications can be made through the Web App with our fully automated process.

Transaction History

See the entire transaction history and download PDF statements for specific dates.

Set Limits

Set rules on what your members can do on the Web App and min/max limits on transactions.


Access to contact forms is available on the app as well as live chat for any enquiries or support needs.

Direct Links

Stay connected easily with direct links to your website and social media channels.


Allow users to see common troubleshooting questions and answers.


Keep members up to date on your organisation with fresh written content and visual content.


See for Yourself

Take a look at an introduction to what the Soar technology can do.


Take an even closer look with a full Soar demo