2021 New Year, New Challenges

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Andrew Duncan
January 8, 2021

We’re optimistic going into 2021 as we're planning and working on some very exciting developments in our business and product.

It's clear that things are going to take a significant amount of time before we're able to travel and meet in person again. We adopted our “new normal” during the first lockdown without realising it! Flipping Soar from being an exclusively office based business to one that’s 100% remote came with it's challenges but has worked out very well for us!

We don't expect to be returning to the office environment we had, instead embracing the benefits that working remotely gives us. No commutes, no back-to-back days, more quality time with family and our greatly reduced carbon output makes it a bit of a no-brainer for us to embrace the change and not return to an office.

We can also cast the net further than Glasgow so we can hire the right talent in our latest recruitment drive!

So, there we have it, now that 2021 has arrived, Soar's officially a work-from-anywhere company.

The turn of a year seems like a good time to make a fundamental culture shift like this in our business but also it's a great opportunity for us to review our product roadmap and service offering too.

We're currently planning the roll out of new features and helping bring on new clients looking to embrace our digital technology in 2021.

Later in the year look out for:

  • Payment technology enhancements
  • Better analytics and reporting
  • Enhanced self-service capabilities
  • New products supported

More on all of this in the coming months!

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