Let's all Soar - We're Introducing Referrals

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Peter Keys
June 18, 2021

We know that your own organisational experience and that of other credit unions is one of the most important factors in choosing a new product, so we want to encourage you to share your experiences and give other credit unions the chance to try our platform for free.

We are offering a one-month free subscription to any credit union which refers another to join Soar’s platform hub and three months free subscription to the customer who is referred. On top of this, both organizations will receive a 50% discount on each open banking use for the next three months.

This is an exciting opportunity to reach out, discuss what you love about Soar and benefit both of your organisations! We invite you to join our referral scheme to unlock benefits for your credit union as well as helping the credit union sector deliver better, cheaper and faster services.

Soar's expansion is good for everyone on the platform: The larger the share of the ethical market we represent, the better the deals we can negotiate on your behalf

Additionally, in the coming months, credit unions on our platform will have the opportunity to opt-in to comparative statistics based on CAIS submissions which will allow each institution to understand their place in comparison to others with similar loan books. We will also be able to deliver monthly market-performance data for the credit union sector to help credit unions react dynamically to change.

Want to know more? Contact the Soar team and request more details about the referral system.

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