5 ways to connect with your audience online

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Laura Hillhouse
November 17, 2020

Connecting with your audience is an important way of building relationships and there's a lot of value in engaging with them consistently. You have to think of ways to capture your audience's attention and keep them hooked on your content.

Put yourself out there and join in on the conversation. Here are some different ways to connect with your audience on a daily basis:

Talk directly to your customers


Maintaining your voice is important in building up trust with your audience. Your audience will get to know you, your tone of voice and your messaging. You want them to feel like they know your brand personally.

This is all about appealing to many but speaking to one!


Ask your audience questions


Asking questions to make your audience think is a great way to connect emotionally.


Ask them about their experiences with you, your products and/or services. This way they’ll know that you value their opinions and it gives you the opportunity to take on board what they think while connecting with them.

Bridge any knowledge gaps


Always be aware that you might need to add in some more information to fill in the gaps for your audience.


For example, you may want to include useful tips, how-to’s, documentation and images that showcase exactly what you’re trying to tell them. We have to make sure we are giving as much information as we can to get to our end result.


Be proactive in your engagement


Social media can be your top tool for engaging.


You can engage with your own customers as well monitor topics relative to your business to allow you to engage with potential customers too.


Understand your social platforms


Use each platform to your advantage.


Each platform has its own culture and specific audience. Concentrate on platforms where you have the highest chance to engage with your audience and build your reputation.

There are lots of ways to connect with your audience, not just what we mentioned above. Do some research on your audience and where they are online. Pick a few means of connecting as guideposts and add to it when the need arises. You'll also find your ways of connecting may evolve too; as long as it's right for your business then use what you feel is best!

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