Build a successful digital strategy that will get you more customers

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Laura Hillhouse
July 28, 2020

For most of us, our smartphones and tablets are always within arms reach. At any time of the day, we have the opportunity to be online. Over the years, more and more companies have been taking advantage of an increasingly digital world because investing time and money into developing and implementing a digital strategy will help you grow your organisation. 

How do we go about creating a digital strategy that is sure to start helping us get some more customers? 

First of all, you need to make sure you plan your strategy properly and know exactly who you are as an organisation before you embark on your digital journey. Having a strong brand and knowledge of who you are is going to help you create a solid digital presence. Once you know this, you need to decide where you want to be online. Do you want to be on social media, have a mobile or web app or solely use your website? You can even use all channels at your disposal - just make it part of your strategy and work towards it. 

Why include social media in your strategy? 

Social media can often be one of the last things that is focused on for some organisations or very little time and effort can be put into managing it. However, having a strong social media presence should be a huge part of your strategy as it can't be ignored as a key marketing tool, especially when you're going through the digital transformation process. It's a great place for customers to find out more about you, chat with you and provide you with feedback. This gives potential customers a glimpse into your organisation and build up trust. Social media is a bit more personal and gives that chance to connect that some other platforms can't achieve in the same way. While you're thinking about social media and where that fits in your digital strategy, you should also think about the content you should be sharing that can add value. 

Where should you be sharing your content?

When planning your digital strategy you need to be aware that you will need content to share on digital platforms. For example, you can share it on your website, social media channels, mobile or web apps with content sections or your blog. Your blog, especially, is a great place to share content and nurture your audience. You can also connect this to your website, social media channels and your apps so it's great place to base all of the great content you're creating. This is using a promotional strategy to your advantage and promoting across as many platforms as you can. 

Remember to leverage your email list 

Do your best to build a clean email list that will give you access to your core audience and/or potential customers. Using social media is great but you can't be sure everyone is seeing all of your posts all of the time. Sending email campaigns to your list can help to catch all of those people that have missed your content across your other channels. Use your list to deepen your relationship with your customers; sending content that will connect with them should be a huge part of your digital strategy. 

Consider using apps as part of your digital strategy 

In an increasingly competitive digital landscape, it's important to use everything at your disposal to connect with your audience. Apps are used by consumers to manage daily tasks as well as make purchases online. They're an important part of your digital strategy and can also help you to stand out from your competitors who don't have them so make sure to use them to your advantage. 

Building a successful digital strategy takes time but doing so can help you attract more customers than if you didn't have one in place. No matter what we do, there is usually a digital aspect. From online banking to checking in online for flights, we can do everything from our smartphones so make sure you're connecting with your audience in any way that you can. 

For any advice on creating your digital strategy and/or implementing it, get in touch with us today. here

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