Credit unions: Inspiring hope through their marketing

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Laura Hillhouse
December 9, 2020

Credit unions are experts at bringing hope to their members. They do their very best to help those who need it and provide financial help to allow people to live their lives. It can be hard for many people in society to gain access to financial help, but credit unions ensure that those who are over-looked still get a chance to access credit but also save money at the same time.

Credit unions inspire this hope through their interactions in physical branches with members, but they are also achieving this through their marketing efforts too. So, what is it they’re doing?


Promoting financial wellbeing

Credit unions share guidance and advice that helps members to work towards improving their finances. This has been even more vital throughout the pandemic when people have struggled with finances and job losses. Lots of credit unions leverage social media to do this or use email campaigns to reach their members. In an increasingly online world, it’s important to be able to reach members about their financial wellbeing online and that’s exactly what most credit unions are trying to do.


Sharing successes

It’s important to inspire people by showing them success stories.This means they can imagine themselves doing this too. Credit unions are now more likely to share testimonials from members that they’ve helped or even share figures on how many people they have helped each month. It’s also important for them to share it from the employee perspective too so we’re now seeing advisors speak more about what it’s like to work for a credit union and why their organisations are so important in helping their communities.


“Inspiring hope for a global community”

This year’s International Credit Union Day was all about inspiring hope and that is the message that credit unions are continuing to spread. The support that has been shown throughout this year has been incredible and credit unions aren’t stopping there. They’ll continue to do share their message with members and the wider community through whatever means available to them.

From our extensive work with credit unions, we’ve seen exactly what they can achieve and know they spread such positive messages in their communities. We look forward to seeing even more people shout about this in the future!

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