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Andrew Duncan
July 6, 2021

Credit Unions and Community Banks will now offer streamlined, instant automated lending decisions thanks to Experian’s cloud-based platform

Soar will use Experian’s Decision Analytics solutions to support its work in the community banking market.

The new partnership will see our clients utilise Experian’s SaaS PowerCurve Customer Acquisition platform to help automate lending decisions, transforming their digital onboarding and customer application journey.

Incorporating affordability and eligibility insights based on Experian bureau data, anti-fraud checks, and advanced data analytics all within one cloud-based solution, our clients will now have a clear picture of their customers helping them to access the most appropriate lending for their circumstances.

Typically, organisations like Credit Unions and Community Banks have relied upon manual application processes, leading to customers waiting up to a week and sometimes longer – for their application to be reviewed and completed.

The solution will significantly improve that wait, returning a decision within minutes, boosting acceptance rates at the beginning of the customer application due to the rich-level of customer insight provided.

By removing the need for organisations to attempt to build a similar solution in-house, PowerCurve will enable clients to quickly modernise their operations and, at the same time, attract new customers who otherwise wouldn’t consider a Credit Union as an option for a financial product.

Steve Pulley, Managing Director Decision Analytics, Experian UK&I, said:

“Today’s customers expect digital services to work seamlessly and almost instantaneously, while the impact of Covid-19 means it’s critical that lenders can accurately assess a potential customer’s suitability for lending.” 

“Our software plays a critical role in organisations’ decisioning, radically improving their efficiency and out comesfor customers and I’m delighted that those in the community banking market will feel the benefit that data-led analytics can bring.”


Andrew Duncan, CEO of Soar, said:

“The community banking market has traditionally been underserved when it comes to technology advancements. We’re committed to changing that, giving organisations the chance to provide their customers with the best digital offering possible 

“The breadth and accuracy of what Experian software can offer will be central to us in meeting that ambition and modernising the ethical banking sector.”

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