How to improve your online presence

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Laura Hillhouse
March 6, 2020

Actively trying to establish a better online presence is important in staying connected with your audience. How you portray yourself online can do a lot for your success and this should be something that is continuously worked on. There is a very high possibility of losing new and loyal customers by not working on it too. At Soar, we work on optimising our own online presence all the time, so we thought we should share some of the steps we go through with you!

Make sure your website is well optimised

Your website should have all of the information about your organisation that your customers will ever want to know.This includes information on products and services, your contact details and it’s also a good idea to include the who, what and why of your organisation too. Another important thing to do with your website is to make sure that is optimised for mobile. Making it mobile friendly is important, especially since92% of millennials own a smartphone and the number of smartphone users is expected to grow to 2.87 billion by 2020 ( So, as well as being visually attractive and easy to navigate your website should be ready to use by any smartphone user.

Be active on social media

Being active on social media is so important. Everyone is online and people are heading straight to their smartphones to find information. Join social media channels that are relevant to your audience. Do a little research online about your target audience to find out what ones to focus on. Research them based on their age, gender, location, interests, anything that pinpoints who you’re trying to target and with a little bit of a search online, you’ll find out what social media channels your audience is most likely to use. Remember, you don’t need to be on every social media channel if you don’t feel the need. Quality over quantity is key here and if your audience isn’t on Instagram then don’t put all of your efforts here. Looking at your competitors is also a good idea for discovering what channels to use.

If you’re channels are already setup, focus on keeping them up to date and remaining active. Regularly share content that will be useful for your audience which leads us onto our next tip.

Create and share valuable content

One very important way that you can improve your online presence is to create content that your audience wants and share it with them. Share this content on your social media channels, on your website, through your email campaigns and any other means of communication you use to connect with your audience. You can offer a variety of different content from blog posts to videos to infographics. Content is a great way to show your brand and your personality and by producing content that is relevant, engaging and informative, you’re building up trust with your audience.

Concentrate on your SEO

SEO is important for any online strategy. It ensures your website is visible and ranked by search engines.Optimising your SEO can increase traffic to your website if keywords are properly researched and placed on relevant pages on your site. You want quality leads to end up on your site - optimising your SEO can do this for you.

Use SEO expert, Neil Patel’s, SEO analyser to find out how your site is currently performing:

Don’t forget about your email marketing

Email marketing is a tried and tested method of reaching your audience. 68% of UK smartphone users use their phone to check their email every day ( so it’s very likely that a lot of your audience does this too as well as the percentage that will use their desktops to check their inbox. Segmenting your email list into engaged customers and new subscribers will help you in building your relationships.Email marketing is very much still a part of the online marketing mix so make sure to use it to your advantage.

The steps above are some of the most important ways that you can improve your online presence. Your online strategy will play a huge part in making sure your overall strategy succeeds. Following the steps in this article will make sure you’re well on your way to getting your online presence where it’s meant to be. Commitment is all it takes to get this done and as long as you keep the momentum going, you’ll have an amazing online presence.

If you need any help or advice on optimising your online presence, get in touch with us.

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