How to make the most out of virtual events

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Laura Hillhouse
November 19, 2020

While we are still in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, all public events have been cancelled and we’re finding new ways of connecting with each other. Running or attending virtual events is a great way to reach a large audience while still following social distancing guidelines.


What is a virtual event?

 Virtual events take place online and can come in the form of conferences and live streams. Although they are a bit different from meeting physically, virtual events can still be very powerful as they can allow for an increase in the numbers of people who can attend. It’s possible that people are more likely to be available if there’s no travel involved whether the event is paid for, or not.


How do we make the most out of virtual events?


Minimise your distractions

Make sure to treat the event as you would if you were physically going and give it your full attention. Clear your schedule and set an out of office on your email for that day so you can fully take part. If attending from home, you should also let others you live with know that you’re going to betaking part if they’re normally in and out of your space. This means you can be completely present and get the most out of attending.

Engage with others on the event platform

Prepare to engage with others on the platform you’re attending the event on. Even though these events are now online, virtual events are still a good way to network. Virtual events can even be more interactive as you can engage at any time and not only during breaks in the speakers. Use this to your advantage and take all the opportunities you can to engage and make new connections.


Get to know the event tech beforehand

Look into what platform the event will be on and make sure you know the basics of navigating it. This will ensure that you don’t lose out on any time when logging in and joining. Sometimes you may need to download software beforehand so just make sure you’re prepared!


Be early

Get signed in and set up early to get the lay of the land.You can even do some early networking with some of the other attendees and have a look around different virtual rooms.


Virtual events are new, and they will continue to change and evolve so don’t worry if you feel a little weary of them at first. It’s a new concept to get used to but we’re all learning and doing the best we can to get through the pandemic whilst still making new connections.

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