How to write a newsletter your members want to read

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Laura Hillhouse
November 27, 2019

Most organisations like to send their customers or members an update at least once a month to let them know what’s going on and to share their good news. Whether you send your newsletter electronically or through the post, you want to make sure you’re sharing content that your members find useful and engaging. Read on to discover what types of content your members want to see.

Messages from you and your team

Use messages from your CEO to share any developments or updates from your credit union. Keep it personal and share what has been happening in your credit union each month and in your community. Members will appreciate reading news about you but also about other members and your community. Using a personal touch will go a long way and members are going to feel more included by this. You never want your members to receive your newsletters and feel like it’s not meant for them.

Member stories

If your members are happy to share their stories, then definitely consider including them in your newsletter. Did you help a member with a loan to a pay a vet bill for their pet’s operation or help a parent purchase their child’s first car? If you’ve given an excellent and quick service you’ll find that members are willing to share their stories.Especially if you’ve helped them with something they were struggling with or a big life purchase.

Industry news

Keep members up to date with what’s going on in the credit union industry. Many of your members will want to be kept in the loop about any developments and know what your credit union is doing to adapt to any changes.

Don’t be afraid to promote yourself

Let members know what services you offer, and even if they already know, there’s no harm in reminding them. You want to make sure you’re at the front of their minds each month for any financial needs. Share any testimonials you have been given by members too. Your members want to see you do well and you want them to share this type of good news with family and friends for some good word of mouth promotion!

Blogs and Monthly Tips

Sharing useful blog articles if you send your newsletter electronically or even including monthly tips is a great way of getting your members to read your newsletter every month. You could even include a fun fact each month to inject a bit of humour into your newsletter. Any articles or tips on budgeting and cutting costs could go a long way in helping some of your members too. 

Give your members call to actions

Whether it be a link to your website, a number to call or even an email address to reach you on, include call to actions in your newsletter. People enjoy having a point to what they’re reading and if you include an action, they’re more likely to engage with you.

Whatever means you plan to use to update your members each month, make sure you have engaging and interesting content for them to read and share. Newsletters are a great way to connect with your members so use them to your advantage and always remember, every piece of marketing you use is another way to encourage word of mouth promotion in your community.

To get further advice on writing content for your newsletters, blogs and social media, get in touch with our team today.

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