Our work on Pioneer Mutual Credit Union's website

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Laura Hillhouse
October 7, 2020

Our team has been working away this year building websites for some of our customers. Websites are not our main offering at Soar but we know that as part of the digital transformation process many of our customers need a well-functioning website to offer their own customers everything they need. 

One website we designed was for Pioneer Mutual Credit Union. We worked with their team to come up with a whole new concept for their site and turned it into a reality for them and their members. As organisations evolve it’s important that their technology and brand evolve with them. Pioneer Mutual’s new site reflects their transformation as well as their member being at the centre of everything they do with a user friendly journey throughout their site. Their strong brand fills the entire site with effective calls to action throughout to encourage current and new members to interact with them online.

Take a look: 

A strong homepage with a smooth user experience. Calls to action are featured throughout to ensure the user gets to where they want to be:

A dedicated savings page linking to all of Pioneer Mutual’s savings products:

A view of each of the credit union’s loan products and links to visit each page:

Each loan product has a loan calculator in order for members to estimate their repayment terms before applying:

A news page to keep members up to date on everything happening in their credit union – this is also good for the team to share links on their social media pages as it takes people straight back to the site:

An easy to fill contact form so anyone can get in touch with the credit union:

Pioneer Mutual’s new website gives their members everything they need to interact with the credit union and access their services online. Our team tried to make the site as visual as possible while still maintaining the community feel. Take a look for yourself and visit the full website here: https://pioneercu.coop/

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