The Fintech Summit 2020

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Laura Hillhouse
October 2, 2020

We were excited this week to attend DIGIT's virtual Fintech Summit which took place on Tuesday 29th of September.

We were lucky enough to attend the event last year in Edinburgh so we looked forward to seeing how it went this year in a whole new setting; online! Our CEO was also invited to speak in one of the panel sessions that was hosted throughout the day too, so it was exciting for our whole team to be able to watch the event online. Here are some of our highlights from the day:

We heard about new trends and what the future of Fintech looks like 

The day kicked off with attendees hearing all about trends that have come up for the Fintech industry in 2020 and a look into what the future holds for us. Devie Mohan, Fintech Researcher & CEO of Burnmark started us off and discussed some of these trends while we heard from some other great speakers on the shift in technology and workforce transformation. 

Our CEO took part in 20 Fintech Insights from 2020

Andrew, Soar's own CEO, was invited to take part in a panel session hosted by Burness Paull's Callum Sinclair.Other panelists included Colin Hewitt (Float), Nicola Anderson (Fintech Scotland) and Rod Ashley (AlbaProposed New Scottish Bank). The panel discussed how Covid-19 has affected to the industry and the whole country as well as what Fintech organisations are doing to help businesses navigate an ever-changing financial landscape.

We learned more about how the customer experience is changing

We also heard about how the customer experience is changing and what we can do to adapt to this. We loved this topic of conversation as we feel it's important as we navigate our way through Covid-19. We're doing all we canto make sure our customers are still feeling like they're getting a good experience from us and it was great to hear how others are working and adapting to these changes too.

These were just some of the topics discussed throughout the day, there was even more on offer at the live event. The Fintech Summit was well worth attending, as always, and everything went well for the events first virtual experience!

To read more about the Summit check out DIGIT's Twitter page where they live tweeted the entire day. 

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