The LendIt Fintech Webinar

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Alexandra Moisii
February 4, 2021

We're excited to announce that Andrew, Soar's CEO, is invited to attend a panel session alongside experts from Experian. Other panellists include Jamie Bristow (MarketConsultant), Craig Lupton (Head of Data Insights) and Mohammed Chaudhri (Chief Economist).

How do you lend efficiently in an economic crisis?

The past year has been challenging for businesses and consumers alike. To look forward, and grow with confidence, the focus is on identifying where the areas for lending are and creating effective strategies to engage prospective customers, entice and onboard seamlessly.

How will this webinar help your organisation?

The webinar will focus on mitigating portfolio risk while maximising new lending opportunities. We will look at the current landscape, and share forward looking insight into future risk, and resilience too, including:

  • Explore the competing pressures relating to credit risk – delving into credit, economic and market trends. Looking back, and forward.
  • How effective automation can support efficiency and operations, while creating personalised customer decisions.
  • How you can better understand your existing portfolios to support those who are experiencing financial distress, but also identify those who are suitable for new products and services.
  • Strategies for growth that are effective and responsive to economic volatility – aligned to regulatory frameworks and change.
  • The importance of flexible and adaptable models for greater control in changing conditions – including the role of test and learn.

Are you interested in this event?

Join Andrew and Experian by registering to the webinar here and find more about effective growth strategies and how to cope with financial distress.

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