What does a fintech like Soar look for in candidates? (We're hiring right now)

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Andrew Duncan
February 16, 2021

It's been a great start to 2021 for Soar and as a result, we're growing our team. Next week we're taking part in a fintech roundtable discussing equality, diversity and inclusivity issues in the FinTech sector in Scotland and as we're taking on new colleagues it's a good time for us to consider this in the grand scheme of our own recruitment.

Soar's a fintech that produces a cloud-based banking platform for socially responsible banks and lenders and we're on an exciting journey to positively impact the lives of millions of our fellow citizens. The Soar Banking Platform is made up of a suite of mobile & web apps and a multi-tenanted cloud-based platform - giving our customers an engaging banking experience which aims to better serve those who need access to affordable credit the most.

Soar from a tech perspective

We're, therefore, looking to attract candidates who get excited about planning, developing, testing and running great software. The beauty here is that this can open you up to a wide range of diverse career options.

Our people tend to like:

  • Great user experience and interface design
  • Architecting and developing complex real-time financial systems
  • Data structures and analytics
  • Deploying seamlessly and running systems 24/7/365
  • Making sure things don't break by the time they reach the hands of end-users.

Soar from the perspective of the financial services

It's quite important to us that our people appreciate the nature of the environment in which we're operating. Financial Services is a booming sector which is constantly evolving to meet its customers' needs and becoming ever more innovative to operate at scale, personalise services and compete effectively in a very fast-paced market.

Our customers are all regulated by the FCA or Bank of England (or both) and it's important that we operate sympathetically with them in this environment. We're not a RegTech business, but there are lots of ways we can help our customers from a compliance perspective. Often this has to be designed into the core of our platform and in customer workflows.

For us it's important you care about:

  • Information security
  • Making robust systems
  • Being vigilant to fraud and suspicious activity
  • Keeping up-to-date with regulation changes and how that might affect our customers.

Soar's on a mission

Although the "fintech" part of Soar is covered off above. We're also on a mission to improve the financial well-being of potentially millions of people up and down the country. We would love to know you're on the journey with us too through your own beliefs and past experiences.

Join Soar

So far this year we've already welcomed Chris, who joined us in the ranks of Full Stack Software Engineer and we're currently looking for more to join our team. If you're keen - head over to our careers pages to find out more about our Quality Assurance and Software Engineering roles.

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