What to include in your 2021 marketing strategy

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Laura Hillhouse
December 1, 2020

Your organisation is probably at that point of the year where you’re planning for next year. We can’t always know exactly what the next year will bring but it’s good to have a plan in place as every new year brings new trends to add to what we’ve already been working with.

So, let’s take a look at what we should be including in our 2021 strategies. Especially, since the whole world is operating a little differently now and this will continue well into next year!

Make sure your content is aligned with your sales team

Marketing and sales teams working together achieves much better results than them working separately. For example, your blog articles can be shared by your sales team to create talking points with potential customers. After spending all the time writing your content, you need to make sure it’s all worth it and match up with your sales team to get the best end result.


Define or redefine your audience

Has your audience changed in the past year? With more people moving online because of the pandemic you might find that your audience could have widened. Do some research and find out if you can be targeting even more people than you have been previously.


Develop a content roadmap

It’s important to map out what types of content you’ll be creating and sharing throughout the year. An easy way to plan month to month is to use a content calendar to make sure your content is consistent and you’re well prepared.

What kinds of content can you include?

-      Blogs

-      Whitepapers

-      Videos

-      Key events

-      Infographics


Your plan to grow your digital presence

Each year we should focus on how we can further grow our digital presence. Re-look at your social plans and check what additional measures you can add for growth on your platforms. You can also look at your email strategy and look into what else you can share with your mailing lists. If you’re not just looking to grow organically, you can also look into social ads to further grow your presence online.

There’s lots to be done in order to get your strategy in the right place but only you know what your goals are. Work with your team to make sure all bases are covered and your strategy encompasses your shared objectives!

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